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Mobile Services

Mobile Services for Real Estate Management
Datatrain’s mobile solutions offer companies in the areas of real estate and facility management diverse options for mobile tenant support and property management, in both the corporate and public segments.

Focus: Your Employess On Site
Mobile Services enable employees of real estate companies and FM service contractors to take care of tasks wherever they arise – receiving, responding to, and resolving damage or trouble reports on the go, and accessing information in the SAP system at any time. Datatrain’s Mobile Cockpit can be flexibly equipped with modular applications and combined with a wide range of terminal devices. Our mobile solutions for the corporate segment are designed for convenience of handling. They’re simple to use and specially tailored to the requirements of your employees, whom we provide with comprehensive information and instruction to get started.

Mobile Cockpit: Managing Tasks, Reports, an Appointments while on the Move
Damage reports, complaints, changes in tenant data, property walkthroughs, and appointment management... Your employees in the field can electronically register and process all events and procedures on site using the Datatrain Mobile Cockpit. This corporate application includes the modules Maintenance, Property Management, Safety Maintenance, Apartment Inspection, Apartment Handover, and Prospective Tenant Management (currently in development). The user is given an overview, tailored to their individual job profile, of reports received, tasks to be completed, and appointments, and can obtain progress updates around the clock and while on the go. New reports are generated on the basis of catalogs, procedures are tracked in a structured manner, and follow-up processes are initiated automatically – resulting in shortened response times and reduced costs.

Focus: Your Tenants
Around three-quarters of Germany’s population uses the Internet. Mobile use has also increased significantly in recent years, with 20 percent of Internet users now going online while on the move. Our mobile application Online Tenant Services opens up new possibilities for your tenants to contact their building management or your company – from anywhere, anytime.

Online Tenant Services: Tenants Report Their Concerns via App 
The application Online Tenant Services (tenant portal) is an up-to-the-minute communication medium that’s user-friendly and oriented to tenants’ needs. Without being tied to a certain time or location, tenants can register their concerns, for example damage, complaints, or questions regarding tenant matters. Optionally, the system processes can integrate partner companies that are contractually bound to carry out repairs, without extra paperwork and within agreed time limits. This makes for faster processing and, at the same time, greater tenant satisfaction. Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterGESOBAU AG is the first German residential real estate company to offer Online Tenant Services as an app for the iPad and iPhone. An application is currently being developed for Android.



  • Maintenance: Generate maintenance reports on site, initiate follow-up processes.
  • Property Management: Execute tasks on site in direct response to incoming reports. 
  • Safety Maintenance: Organize and document inspections using a structured functional specification document, assign tasks while on the go.
  • Apartment Inspection and Handover: Arrange inspections and walkthroughs, generate reports, register property data and amenities.
  • Prospective Tenant Management and Sales: Generate reports in the area of tenant support on site.


  • Online Tenant Services (Tenant portal) as a Web application for mobule use. 
  • Online Tenant Services as an app for iPad and iPhone 
  • Online Tenant Services as an app for Android (available soon).