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CRM / Tenant Support

Client Support as a Business Process 
Datatrain’s CRM solutions for the real estate industry are driven by a cross-sectoral, IT-supported business strategy for the systematic buildup and care of tenant relationships. The focus is on your tenants. Our SAP-based contact management system allows the decentralized intake of all tenant concerns and their handling through structured business processes.

Our solutions open up new sales channels to you, substantially improving the reachability of your company and the exchange of information with your tenants – using all paths of communication: through personal contact (whether on site or in your tenant center), by telephone, by e-mail, or via the Internet.

We offer various modules for the support of current and prospective tenants: The Datatrain Tenant Center was developed as a corporate solution for use by your employees in the company, both in the tenant office and as a mobile application for use in the field. The Datatrain tenant portal, Online Tenant Services, additionally provides your tenants with a round-the-clock public solution on the Internet.

Your Direct Connection to Your Tenants: The Tenant Center 
The CRM module Tenant Center is the technological backbone of professional tenant support in the corporate segment. The Datatrain Tenant Center gathers, structures, registers, and processes all data arising from inquiries by tenants. Heterogeneous partner structures like call centers or service contractors can be integrated into the generation of reports. Follow-up processes such as maintenance measures are initiated automatically, on the basis of process and damage catalogs that are tailored to your communication strategies and your property inventory. Your field employees can use the Tenant Center as a mobile application.

Open Around the Clock: The Tenant Portal 
The tenant portal allows you to reach the Internet users among your tenants: Online Tenant Services works on the basis of the modular system of the Datatrain Tenant Center, in particular with regard to catalog-based information processing. The portal tracks, registers and processes all actions that are conveyed online. However, the user interface and menu navigation are specifically oriented to the target group – your tenants. Via Online Tenant Services, your tenants can convey their concerns to you around the clock. At the same time, the portal helps your company optimize resource-intensive, internal service structures and thereby reduce costs. The result is a benefit for both sides.

Along with Internet use via home computers, demand is also growing for use via mobile devices. We’ve developed fitting solutions: The App Store offers Online Tenant Services for use on iPads and iPhones, and a version for mobile Android systems is on the way.

Sales Optimization in the Residential Real Estate Industry
In the non-SAP area, the state of the art in tracking and facilitating sales-related business processes in the residential real estate sector is the CRM product ImmoSolve from Solve.IT. The state of the art for SAP-based, CRM-specific processes in tenant support is Datatrain’s Tenant Center system. What’s NEW and on the cutting edge is the cooperation between Solve.IT and Datatrain. The objective is the overall integration of these optimal solutions for the comprehensive handling of client-specific business processes, for both current and prospective tenants.

Your Advantages

  • Optimized reachability of your company through all channels of communication and for all client or tenant concerns
  • Improved client satisfaction and tenant loyalty due to shortened response and processing times
  • Improved data quality through the use of catalogs and complete and transparent process histories
  • Accelerated business processes and reduced internal process costs

Our Solutions


  • Tenant Center as a basic module and/or WebDynPro application
  • Web Services for connection with external companies and service contractors
  • Tenant Center as a mobile application for the on-site generation and processing of reports for field employees
  • Web Services for connection with the CRM system ImmoSolve for the management of prospective tenants


  • Tenant Services as a Web application for both in-company and mobile use
  • Hybrid app for iPad and iPhone (combined online/offline solution)
  • Application for mobile Android systems (coming soon)