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SRM / Partner and Contractor Management

Integrated Real Estate Management 
Our solutions in the contractor management segment enable your organization to improve workflows and procedures by comprehensively integrating the processes of partner companies that are active in, or associated with, the real estate management sector. These may include maintenance contractors, facility management service companies such as security firms and cleaning contractors, and insurance companies, real estate agents, energy utilities, and architectural and engineering firms.

B2B Portal for Facility Management
The Datatrain Partner Portal (Property Maintenance Portal) is at the heart of our e-business system for real estate management. This SAP-based application enables you to centrally track and control all processes in supplier relationship management (SRM) – in the area of operational maintenance, for example, from damage reports to order processing and invoicing. As a business-to-business solution, the Partner Portal handles the entire documentation chain for unplanned maintenance measures.

Efficient Project Execution and Higher Quality
The Partner Portal (Property Maintenance Portal) from Datatrain is designed to process unit-price, all-inclusive, and maintenance service contracts. It uses SAP-based middleware to enable the contracting company to communicate with its service partners via the Internet. And for the integrated management of business processes extending beyond your company’s borders, our Web Services provide a simple, secure, process-oriented interface between your company’s order processing and your contractors’ IT system architecture.

Your Advantages

  • Reduction of internal process costs
  • Reduction of external costs, e.g., in maintenance 
  • Optimization of controlling and contractor management 
  • Significantly shortened response time, e.g., in repairs 
  • Improved quality of work and services performed 
  • Measurable increase in tenant satisfaction 

Our Solutions: Applications and Services 

Trouble Management 

  • Troubleshooting Portal for the central gathering, registering, and processing of all data arising from incoming damage and trouble reports

e-Business Systematics

  • Partner Portal (Property Maintenance Portal), the heart of our e-business concept for the Internet-based integration of procurement processes in facility management
  • e-Billing procedure for electronic invoicing in compliance with current regulations on the use of electronic signatures and sales tax laws
  • Supplementary module for the management of contract bidding and awarding processes for limited fields of participants
  • Supplementary module for the management of maintenance service contracts
  • Security: authentication systems for external users of the portal system 

Contract Management and Controlling 

  • Integration of service level agreements (SLAs) and SLA-monitoring for quality assurance in the procurement and optimization of contractor controlling
  • EPA catalog service as a component of contract management: structuring, consolidation, and updating of EPA catalogs (building construction and services) for unplanned/operational maintenance

Examples of Further Process Integration 

  • Deployment of Web Services for connection with the IT system architecture of your facility management service contractors
  • IHmax: Maintenance “Max” – tailoring the maintenance systematics of your SAP system to the specific needs of your company
  • Property data maintenance module for the additional incorporation of inventory data management in the context of procurement processes
  • SAP-based Insurance Solution and Property Damage Portal for the integration of insurance-relevant information in operational maintenance procurement processes
  • Warranty management in the context of planned property maintenance, modernization, and new construction (service phase 9 in HOAI)
  • Safety maintenance: process modeling of walkthroughs (inspections) including deployment of various components (depending on contract model, e.g., integration of external service contractors through Web Services and/or portal components)